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Valued Mentorship

by Michael Kilcommons,
I became an Associate Superintendent 8 years ago. Despite having many years of experience as a site-based administrator, the leadership responsibilities - and opportunities - that came with the new designation were quite overwhelming at times.

I was fortunate to have great leadership in our school division from my Chief Superintendent Dr. Scott Morrison, and two other colleagues who have since retired: Gary Chiste - Chief Deputy Superintendent, and Bonnie Annicchiarico - Associate Superintendent.

I was also blessed to have significant guidance from a relative stranger at the time, Bevan Daverne from Golden Hills School Division. Bevan was the Chair of our local Zone 5 for CASS, and at the time there was a need for a secretary. Like anyone else new to a position, I was reluctant to sign up for another task, but the voluntary role ended up being incredibly valuable for both my personal and professional development. Although not formally designated as my mentor, Bevan's insights and guidance proved to be difference-makers in my career. Since that time I also served a multi-year stint as Chair of Zone 5, and again, the influence of these four mentors, plus the great leadership by CASS executive have enhanced my experience.

I encourage everyone to be directly involved in your CASS organization - the supports cannot be beat!

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