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Take a Risk

by roger.lauck,

During my first teacher recruitment trip, one of my superiors empowered me to be a risk taker in a natural and unassuming way. During our flight, I was working on a few interview questions that I was hoping he might consider using during our interviews of teacher candidates. I had about five questions ready, and I approached him at his seat and asked him if he thought a couple of them could be worked into our interviews. He took the file, read through the questions, looked up at me, and said, "let's just use these." He then went back to reading his book, and I returned to my seat.

I reflected on our interaction and recognized that risk-taking is an essential component of education for our students, but maybe even more so for teachers, school administrators, and central office staff. It also taught me the value of empowering others, and I have tried to continue taking risks in my professional practice, and maybe more importantly, I have tried to empower colleagues to do the same while trying always to support them and make them feel valued. Thank you, Greg Miller, for making a difference in my professional practice.

~ Roger Lauck, Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools

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