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Quiet Impact - by Greg Miller

by Greg Miller,

After starting my career in British Columbia, I was given the opportunity come to Alberta in 2004 when our current Executive Director, David Keohane hired me as the Principal of a Dual Track French Immersion School with Holy Spirit in Lethbridge. David was just starting his 5-year tenure as Superintendent of Holy Spirit, and I particularly remember how welcome he and his team made me feel at my interview and when I arrived after being hired. During the time I spent with David, I learned several lessons, in particular the importance of being present to those you serve and always paying attention to detail in your work. Both qualities were evident then and serve him well in his current role with CASS. I brought these experiences with me when I moved to my current position and am reminded of the quiet impact leaders have on their followers when leading by example.

Greg Miller

Deputy Superintendent, Human Resources

Zone 1 Director

Grande Prairie Catholic

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